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Becoming a business owner takes hard-work, perseverance, sacrifice but most importantly, it takes proper planning and discipline. We will ask you to produce a realistic business plan that matches your aspirations to your skills, personality and lifestyle.

Business planning includes setting goals and working to achieve them. Budgeting your income and expenses based on calculated assumptions, and monitoring them methodologically is key. We are here to help!

Tender: #7801

Property Description: Lots #3 & #4 Blk  #47 duplex & retail shop 50 x 100 Nassau Village Nassau, Bahamas


Appraised Value: $120,000
Tender: #8071

Property Description: Lots #29 & #30, (50×100) Mathew Street, New Providence


Appraised Value: $145,000
Tender: #1569

Location: Sapodilla Boulevard, Pinewood Gardens

Appraised Value: $65,000
Tender: #1833

Location: Queens Highway Holmes Rock Commonage Grand Bahama

Appraised Value: $119,025
Tender: # 1508

Location: Swain’s Point Mangrove Cay, Andros

Appraised Value: $125,000
Tender: # 1143

Location: Dagenham Circle & Ingrave Dr., Emerald bay Sub, Grand Bahama

Appraised Value: $43,800
Tender: #0546

Location: Berhing Point, Central Andros

Appraised Value: $444,000
Tender: #0827

Location: Eight Mile Rock, Pine Dale Subdivision


Appraised Value: $7,606
Tender: #1194

Location: Montrose Lane, Bahamia West Replat Subdivision

Appraised Value: $90,000
Tender: # 0159

Cemetery Road, Kings Subdivision, Eight Mile Rock Grand Bahama

Appraised Value: $94,080
Tender: #1200

Location: Derby Subdivision, Grand Bahama

Appraised Value: $350,000
Tender: #0099

Lot #5 & #6 Silver Palm Ln Imperial Seabreeze Estate.

Appraised Value: $313,650
Tender: #0778

Location: Sandy Point, Abaco

Appraised Value: $600,000
Tender: #6496

Location: Hanna Hill, Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama

Appraised Value: $420,000
Tender: #0681

Lot #14, Blk #14 Winton Heights Subdivision

Appraised Value: $750,000
Tender: #0865

12 bedroom motel with restaurant and bar on Harbour Island, Eleuthera

Appraised Value: $1,400,000
Tender: #0803

Lot B 13,729 sq. ft. Harbour Island, Eleuthera

Appraised Value: $275,000
Tender: #1090

Vacant Lot #39, Block #35, lot size 2,500 sq. ft. on Lincoln Blvd, Southern District, Englerston Subdivision.

Directions to property:
Traveling East on Cordeaux Ave, exit onto Lincoln Blvd left property is fourth lot on the left.

Appraised Value: $57,000
Tender #1874

Lot #5, block #83, Building # 47. Property  50 ft. by 100 ft. area 5,000 square feet with two storey building pink and white; retail shop on ground floor and two (2) apts upstairs. Building area 2,984 sq. ft.
Directions to property: Traveling North on East Street turn left onto Bahama Ave then take first corner on the right Exuma Street fourth on left (Eastern Side) of Exuma Street.

Appraised Value: $318,000
High Rock Settlement

3 acres with 7 room Bonefishing lodge.
Location: High Rock Settlement.

Appraised Value: $600,000
Bahamas Development Bank
Bid Process

The public is invited to submit Sealed bids marked “Tender” to Bahamas Development Bank, P.O. Box N-3034, Nassau, Bahamas, Attention “Bids Committee”, faxed bids will be accepted or telephone 702-5724 for additional information. Please note that all bids on the aforementioned items should be received by or on noted Day, Date. The Bahamas Development Bank reserves the right to reject any or all offers. All assets are sold as is.

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For more general information, please contact us at or at 702-5700.

Our Objectives
  • To make a significant and balanced contribution to diversifying our national economy
  • To be well managed financially
  • To be staffed with skilled and motivated employees
  • To deliver the highest level of customer service

To be the Government’s catalyst in facilitating and stimulating economic expansion and diversification through financing the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), by creation of employment and positively impacting on the country’s Balance of Payments; and consequently improving the quality of life and prosperity for all Bahamians throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; while ensuring the Bank’s sustainability through prudent financial resources management.

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