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Items for Sale
CAT 420IT 2003

Yellow CAT 420IT 2003 Backhoe.
Example images only.  The actual real content can be found here.

Appraised Value: $
Bahamas Development Bank Bid Process

The public is invited to submit Sealed bids marked “Tender” to Bahamas Development Bank, P.O. Box N-3034, Nassau, Bahamas, Attention “Bids Committee”, faxed bids will be accepted or telephone 702-5724 for additional information. Please note that all bids on the aforementioned items should be received by or on noted Day, Date. The Bahamas Development Bank reserves the right to reject any or all offers. All assets are sold as is.

Bid Submission Form Here

For more general information, please contact us at or at 702-5700.

  • To make a significant and balanced contribution to diversifying our national economy
  • To be well managed financially
  • To be staffed with skilled and motivated employees
  • To deliver the highest level of customer service

To be the Government’s catalyst in facilitating and stimulating economic expansion and diversification through financing the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), by creation of employment and positively impacting on the country’s Balance of Payments; and consequently improving the quality of life and prosperity for all Bahamians throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; while ensuring the Bank’s sustainability through prudent financial resources management.

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